Hells Canyon Wilderness Area

Seven Devils
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Access to this area is near Riggins, a slow gravel two way road. The Seven Devils is located between the Snake River to the west and the Salmon River to the east. The pictures taken on the Salmon River were taken near dusk. Rich selected the Seven Devils trail ride because these are the widest and best maintained trails in Idaho, which Sheryl appreciates. We love the names of the Seven Devils Mountain Range.

  1. He Devil 9,393 ft
  2. Tower Of Babel 9,269 ft
  3. She Devil
  4. Mount Orge 9,200+ft
  5. The Goblin 8,981 ft
  6. Monument Peak 8,957 ft
  7. Devil's Tooth 7,760 ft

One of the numerous mountain lakes

Stock trail to one of the Gateways to Hells Canyon Wilderness Area

Rich and Soldier on the trail

Rich and Soldier

Another high lake

Same lake taken at a different angle

This is rugged country

Looking to the east into the Frank Church Wilderness Area

This portion of the trail is like a freeway

Rich & Soldier leading the way


Sheryl & Buddy, Sheryl appreciates the wider trails

Overcast day, looking into Oregon

Looking into Oregon

Looking back to our campground on the far ridge

Sheryl & Buddy

Our daughter Laura and Soldier

Salmon River, east of Riggins looking east. Native American Indians called it the River of No Return

Rich hunts bears in this area

Windover Bridge, stock trail going to the Gospel Hump Wilderness Area. Crossing the Salmon River.

Oregon is in the far background, Hells Canyon and the Mountains

From the fire tower looking at the Seven Devils Mountain Range

Look closely and you can see one of the trails we took

Again, you can see one of the trails we took. We took these pictures from the Fire Tower.