Riding the Nez Perce War Trail Twice

By George B. Hatley

The book is 262 pages with 230 colored photographs of the route taken by professional photographs Jim and Anne Mischel.

Also included are five pen and ink drawings by George Phippen.

The book sees the route of the Nez Perce War of 1877 as it was seen by both the Nez Perce and the calvary, from the back of a horse.

The history of events was interpreted for the riders by several widely respected historians, including Dr. Frances Haines, Professor of history at Western Oregon College of Education and author of The Nez Perces, Tribesmen of the Columbia Plateau; Dr. Merrill Beal, Professor of history at Idaho State College and author of I Will Fight No More Forever; Mark Brown, military historian and author of Flight of the Nez Perce; Al Maxey, former superintendent of the Big Hole Battlefield National Monument and several people living near the trail that were descendants of settlers who were present at the time events took place.

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