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Kni-Co Stoves

Kni-Co stoves will be shipped w/in 1-3 business days
after payment.

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Alaskan & Packer Stove shown w/accessories
Wall Tent Shop Tent Stoves

Closeup of Alaskan Stove

Alaskan shown with all accessories

Click onto Wall Tent Stoves for information and pictures on the 15 camp stove and pack stove models available by Riley Stoves, Kni-Co Stoves and Four Dog. I have a camp stove or pack stove that will meet your requirements. Camp stove and pack stove prices start at $100.00. All stoves below retail.

  1. Lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defects.
  2. Kni-Co stoves are also known as a sheepherder's stove.
  3. Kni-Co Stove Alaskan and Packer models shown above. Kni-Co Packer Stove is on right side.
  4. Each Kni-Co stove is handmade.
  5. Kni-Co stove pipe, water tank, shelf, damper and sleeve fit into firebox. Kni -Co Packer Stove water tank won't fit.
  6. Kni-Co Stove Alaskan and Packer models are both made from 22 gauge cold rolled steel to resist warpage.
  7. Kni-Co nesting stove pipe, 77 inches long, 4 pieces, larger piece fits into next smaller piece.
  8. Stove pipe is 5" at stove. Stove pipe size going through wall tent roof is approximately 4 3/4", and 4" at top of stove pipe.
  9. A standard 5" oval stove jack will accomodate Kni-Co 5" nesting pipe.
  10. If you have a 4" stove jack on your tent, you can purchase a 5" to a 4" reducer pipe at a local hardware store to attach to the Kni-Co stove. Then a Kni- Co 4" nesting pipe can be attached to the reducer.
  11. Heat shield behind air intake to prevent sparks popping out air intake holes.
  12. Cold rolled steel construction to help prevent warping.
  13. Kni-Co Alaskan and Packer models are widely used in Alaska where lightweight, reliable stoves are a necessity.
  14. Side shelf fits either side or can have two side shelves.
  15. Heat shield on door to prevent door from warping.
  16. Sturdy legs that fold up for easy storage.
  17. NEW Alaskan Short is designed specifically for ease of packing in panniers. The Alaskan II is 8" shorter and easily fits into most panniers.
    1. Nesting stove pipe length is 16" and pipe fits inside firebox.
    2. Note: pipe length is only 57" when installed.
    3. Damper is 6" when installed for a total pipe length of 63".
    4. If you need more total pipe length you can order a long damper pipe that increases overall pipe length to 72".
    5. Stainless steel 2 gallon water tank does not fit inside firebox.
  18. Recommendation: The Alaskan firebox is 50% larger than the Packer. For the extra $20.00 cost, the Alaskan will provide much more heat and will hold heat 50% longer than the Packer. Unless weight and size is a critical factor, I would recommend the Alaskan.
  19. SPARK ARRESTOR. Some companies offer a Kni Co stove package without a spark arrestor. A spark arrestor is recommended in a stove package as some National Forests and Wilderness areas require a spark arrestor on all wood stoves. No spark arrestor results in a fine and discontinued use of the wood stove.
  20. Shipping for lower 48 states:
    1. Packer stove only: $25.00
    2. Packer Package: $30.00
    3. Alaskan stove only: $25.00
    4. Alaskan Package: $30.00
    5. Accessory shipping costs are priced for ordering w/stove. Additional shipping charges if accessories are ordered w/out a Kni-Co stove.
    6. Alaskan and Canadian customers call for shipping
  21. You can purchase the following online:
    1. Stove only
    2. Stove with accessories you prefer
    3. DELUXE Stove Package which includes stove, pipe, damper, spark arrestor, side shelf and water tank.
    4. STANDARD stove package which includes stove, pipe, SPARK ARRESTOR, ansd damper.


Tent Heating 12'x14'
Size 24"l x 12"w x 12"h
18.5" x 12"wx12"h
23"l x 10"w x 10'h
Stove Height Folding legs open 19"h
Holds Heat 5-6 hrs
4-5 hrs
4 hrs
Weight 18 lbs
15 lbs
12.5 lbs
Stove Jack 5"
PRICE Stove Only $150


DELUXE PACKAGE PRICE (stove, water tank, shelf, pipe, damper, spark arrestor) $270

$275 w/6" sleeve damper
$280 w/16" sleeve damper


Includes stove, pipe, damper and SPARK ARRESTOR (does not include water tank and shelf)


$205 w/6" sleeve damper
$210 w/16" sleeve damper


Note: Shipping prices are only valid if purchased with a stove

Stainless steel 2 gal water tank 4 lbs $70.00 $3.00
Side shelf 3 lbs $18.00 $2.00
5" nesting pipe 5 lbs $33.00 $3.00
Damper and sleeve installed 2 lbs $16.00 $2.00
Spark arrestor/rain cap 2 lbs $18.00 $1.00
Stove Pipe Set Pipe & Damper 7 lbs $47.00 $4.00
Alaskan Short only Stove Pipe Set w/ damper 16" sleeve 6 lbs $49.00 $4.00
Alaskan Short only Damper installed in 16" pipe sleeve 6 lbs $22.00 $1.00

Guarantee: Lifetime warrantee on manufacturer defects. If for any reason you are not satisfied contact Kni-Co direct. Kni-Co will repair or replace (at their option) any defective part provided it is returned freight prepaid and prior phone approval has been given.

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