Lewis & Clark Trail Bitterroot Mountains Idaho

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Lewis and Clark Route

Lolo Pass

Whitehouse Pond

Start of trailhead located near Wendover Campground Hwy 12. Trail takes you from Hwy 12 to the Lewis & Clark Trail. Access non-motorized.

From Wendover you climb up to here - Lolo Trail Crossing

Lewis and Clark Trail Marker Rooster Rock

Forest Service Trail Marker

Lewis & Clark Trail looking down on to Post Office Lake. The previous day it was in the 60 and we woke up to 12" of snow. This was is mid-September

This picture was taken July 9, 2002. There was still over 3 feet of snow on the Lewis and Clark Trail. Picture taken approximately 1/4 mile east of Devil's Chair.

Taken at the Saddle Camp Road. One of the access roads to the actual Lewis & Clark Trail.

From Devil's Chair looking east into Montana

Devil's Chair Lewis & Clark Trail

Far ridge is the Lewis & Clark Trail

Access to the Lewis & Clark Trail is from Highway 12
Stop at the Powell Ranger Station (mile marker 162) to register for access to the Lewis & Clark Trail during the Bicentennial celebration as access is limited to only so many vehicles, on this section, per day.
Flow of traffic will be from east to west only.

Trailers and RV's are prohibited on this portion of the trail.
The actual trail is very narrow and steep. Lewis & Clark Trail (# 500) is considered a primitive road and is barely wide enough for one vehicle in some places.
Turnouts are few and far between.
As you travel this trail you will see first hand why Lewis & Clark said that the Bitterroot section of their trip was the most difficult. They almost starved to death.
Lewis & Clark had to go high on the ridge because the Lochas River and terrain is so rugged.
There are numerous campsites maintained by the US Forest Service along Hwy 12. Lochas Inn is located near the Powell Ranger Station with rafting, cabins and restaurant available. Three Rivers Resort is approximately 60 miles west of Powell Ranger Station offering rafting, cabins, restaurant and a swimming pool. Three Rivers is so named for the convergence of the Lochas, Selway & Clearwater Rivers.