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Pro Saddle Panniers

25 models, sizes of pack panniers and saddle panniers available.

  • PRO quality.
  • For the price there is no other saddle pannier available, even close, to the quality of this pannier.
  • Normal retail for these saddle panniers is $160.00 plus state tax at tack stores.
  • Waterproof with urethane coating on inside of each pannier bag and lid.
  • This pannier is top quality and very versatile.
  • Each pannier bag is 25"W x 18"H x 13"D. Much larger than a normal saddle pannier.
  • Bottom strap and buckle to tighten around pack animal's stomach. Most saddle panniers don't have a bottom strap.
  • Buckles have teeth to ensure straps stay tight. Less quality saddle panniers have 2 ring buckles that easily loosen or plastic buckles that break.
  • 2 D-rings front and back on each saddle pannier bag for option of using breeching or breast collar.
  • 10 D-rings to increase tie down capability for use with top or H-pack.
  • All INSERTS/LINERS Pack Saddle Shop sells will fit inside these quality panniers. Using liners will allow for easy weighing to balance a load. Weighing each saddle pannier bag is very difficult because saddle panniers are "one piece"
  • For use on a riding saddle.
  • Ballistic cordura, thicker and stronger than normal cordura. 1050 dennier rating.
  • Reinforced webbing at all stress points.
  • Extra long pannier bag straps that allows packiing/securing a sleeping bag on top of each pannier.
  • Colors available: brown.
  • Pro Saddle Panniers with lid. Price: $125
  • Shipping $25

Click to enlarge a saddle pannier picture

Recommendation: I would strongly encourage you to buy a good saddle breeching and breast collar if you are going to do much packing with saddle panniers. Especially if you go up and down hills. The breeching will prevent the saddle cinch from slipping forward while going downhill. When riding a horse/mule sometimes you can feel when the saddle has slipped forward and dismount and make the necessary correction. However, on a pack animal you will not know when the cinch has slipped forward. A saddle cinch that slips forward on a pack animal will cause a significant cinch gall that will require weeks to heal before you can use your horse/mule again. Click saddle breeching if want to look at the saddle breeching and breast collar I have for sale.

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