115 & 119 BAKER STREET


115 & 119 Baker Street are identical in appliances and layouts. The lower units are slightly different whereas there is no sliding door and balcony. Instead these units have a large window 5'x4'. Also the lower unit has a 6" wall/ledge on all the exterior walls which is full of insulaton so the drywall is not against the foundation. APPLIANCES: Large capacity washer and dryer, 52gal hot water heater, dishwasher, 18'cf refrigerator and self-cleaning range.

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Sketch bottom units of 115 & 119

Lower unit, front bedroom shows 6" ledge that is on the exterior walls of all bottom units - full of insulation

close up of 6" ledge, tenants like to use it as a book shelf, 6" wall - full of insulation

Sketch middle & upper units 115 & 119

Looking from living room into large eat in kitchen, view is toward UI, middle & upper units, lower units have a 5'x4' window

View just inside front door looking into living room and kitchen. Lower unit has window instead of patio door and balcony

Front bedroom, taken from the far corner, closed door is the 7' closet.

Front bedroom taken from doorway.

View from hallway into bathroom, you can see the full size large capacity washer and dryer which is include in the rent

Back bedroom, taken from the far corner, closed door is the 7' closet.

Back bedroom, taken from opposite corner

Back bedroom, picture taken from doorway. You can see the baseboard heater beneath the window

Self cleaning oven, dishwasher and 18cf refrigerator

You can see the range which has a self cleaning oven and the dishwasher

Picture of livingroom taken from the kitchen


123 Baker Street are great apartments for couples or three roommates. The back bedroom is larger than the front bedroom. The living room is larger than the living rooms in 115 & 119 Baker. The lower units are slightly different whereas there is no sliding door and balcony. Instead these units have a large window 5'x4'. Also the lower unit has a 6" wall/ledge on all the exterior walls which is full of insulaton so the drywall is not against the foundation. Appliances: Large capacity washer and dryer, 52gal hot water heater, dishwasher, 18'cf refrigerator and range.

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Sketch of bottom unit 123 Baker

Sketch upper& middle unit 123 Baker

123 Bathroom, large capacity washer and dryer is included in your rent

Living room looking into apt. Lower level has window in kitchen

View from closet in kitchen, sliding door & balcony middle and upper units

Standing in corner of kitchen middle & upper units

Kitchen in 123, oven is not self-cleaning

Kitchen in 123, 18cf ref, dw

Appliances shown inlcuded in rent

Standing in kitchen looking towards front door and window in lr

Picture taken from corner of lr, middle is 7' closet, to the left is kitchen entrance, bedrooms & bath to the right

Standing near back bedroom looking to front door in lr

Front bedroom 123

Front bedroom 123

By closet front bedroom 123

Back bedroom 123

Back bedroom, another view

Back bedroom 123, you can see the extra large closet

View of lr from kitchen, lower unit you can see the ledge under the window

Close up view of the 6" ledge, wall is full of insulation so the dry wall is not aganist the foundation

Eating area in large eat in kitchen upper & middle units, lower unit is identical except there is a 5'x4' window


THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this............day of.....................,2013., by and between
SANTORINI PROPERTIES, INC., lessor, and....................................................................................................

WITNESSETH: That for and in consideration of the payments of rents and performance of lessee’s covenants contained herein, lessor does hereby lease unto lessee, that certain apartment No........, together with appurtenances, located at .........BAKER STREET, in the City of Moscow, Idaho for a term........12 months... commencing on the 1st day of Jun 2011., and ending on the 30th day of May 2012 NLT 9:00 AM, at the rental of ...................................Dollars per month, payable in advance on the 1st day of each and every month during said term; receipt of the first month’s rent of $...................and a security deposit on the amount of $___________ is hereby acknowledged, the security deposit to be applied to remedy the lessee’s default in lessee’s performance of the terms of this lease (not including non-payment of rent), and to repair damages to said premises caused by lessee, guests, and/or anything under lessee’s control, not including ordinary wear and tear. Should costs of repairing damages exceed the amount of security deposit then lessee shall be responsible for all costs in excess of the security deposit. The lessee agrees:
1. To pay lessor said rent at the following address 3071 West Twin Road, Moscow, ID 83843 or rent box in stairwell located at 123 Baker St; and in addition thereto to pay when due all electric, telephone, cable, utility (except water, sewer, garbage) or other charges payable in connection with the use of said leased premises during said term;
2. Not to assign or hypothecate this lease, or let or sublet the whole or any part of said premises, or make or permit any alteration to be made thereon, or devote the same to any other use than as a dwelling unit; and the said premises shall not be occupied by any other persons that herein specified, as follows:
without, in each instance, first obtaining the written consent of the lessor:
3. To comply with all rules as posted in said apartment which by this reference are made a part hereof; management may evict lessee if two valid complaints, validity determined by lessor, are received during lease. Valid complaints include, but are not limited to: excessive noise, destruction of apt property, in violation of city, state, federallaws. Eviction will require acceleration (immediate payment) of rents due to the conclusion of this lease.
4. Not to permit any acts to be done on said premises in violation of any law or ordinance, and not to use or permit the use of said premises for any illegal or immoral purpose, comply with local noise ordinances;
5. Not to keep on said premises any dogs, cats, ferrets, or any other animals without written consent of said lessor. Any dog, cat or other animal in an apt, including guests pets, will result in an automatic $300.00 reduction in the lessees’ security deposit. Pet will be removed from apartment immediately by lessee. Security deposit of $100.00 per cat, ferret, guinea pig etc. not to exceed 2 animals in the apartment if permission is granted. ( NO CAT AUTH __________)
6. To permit lessor at any and all reasonable times, upon 24 hours notice to lessee, to enter and go upon said premises for the purpose of examining their condition, or to make such repairs and alterations as lessor shall deem necessary or to show said leased premises to prospective purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workmen or contractors; provided always that in case of emergency lessor may enter said premises without notice;
7. To assume all liability for damages that may result from leaks or overflowing through negligence of the lessee to include lessee’s visitors or guests, or any of the plumbing fixtures in said demised premises, and to be responsible for any damage or breakage of equipment including electrical appliances, etc., other than ordinary wear and tear, and to hold lessor harmless for any damages on or about the premises by lessee, their visitors or guests, lessee must maintain heat in the unit AT ALL TIMES to prevent pipes from freezing, or be held responsible for damages incurred;
8. Leaks from any faucet, water spout, dishwasher, washing machine, showers and toilet must be reported immediately or lessees are responsible for all damages;
9. To notify the lessor of lessee’s anticipated extended absence from the leased premises in excess of 7 days; 1 10. It is understood and agreed that lessor shall not be liable for and damage occasioned by failure to furnish heat, refrigeration, water or other services to said leased premises arising through any accident, or other equipment, unless said damage is caused by lessor’s gross negligence in making necessary repairs;
11. In case said premises or the buildings in which the same are located shall be damaged by fire or other casualty, the lessor may, at his option, terminate this lease; otherwise at lessor’s option exercised within 30 days from the happening of the casualty, lessor may elect to repair said damage, in which event, lessor shall have exclusive possession of so much of said leased premises as may be necessary; during repairs lessee shall be entitled to an abatement of the rent or a fair and just proportion thereof according to the nature of the damage until the premises rerpaired. 12. In the event any suit or action is brought to collect any or said rents or to enforce any provision of this lease or to repossess said premises, reasonable attorney’s fees may be awarded by the trial court to the prevailing party in said suit or action together with costs and necessary disbursements; and on appeal, if any, similar reasonable attorney’s fees, costs and disbursements may be awarded by the appellate court to the party prevailing on such appeal.
13. Washers & dryers are for lessee’s use only. Any lessee’s guest using the washer or dryer will result in an automatic $200.00 deduction from the lessee’s security deposit.
14.FEES: There will be a $10.00 service charge for any replacement key or mailbox. @ $20.00 charge for all returned checks for insufficient funds.
15. Washer and dryers will only be used when a tenant is present and awake. If a malfunction of the washer or
dryer occurs when the tenant is not present and awake, the tenant will be responsible for the damages to the apartment caused by water or fire. Turn off valves for the washer are located directly behind the washer. If there is a toilet leak- turn off the valve directly behid the commode.
16. At the termination of this lease, a charge will be made for cleaning said apartment and for laundering and cleaning of rugs, etc. necessary at time of vacating and before new occupancy. For this purpose, the lessee has paid to the lessor the sum of $75.00 , no part of which is refundable; provided further that if the lessor’s actual expense for said cleaning and laundering exceeds the sum last mentioned, have the amount deducted from lessees security deposit; The entire cleaning deposit will be forfeited if no /or minimum effort is made to clean the apt to apt cleaning list standards. 1 17. The lessor, after 24 hours’ written notice specifying the causes, may immediately terminate the rental agreement if the lessee, lessees’ guests: (a) Seriously threatens immediately to inflict personal injury, or inflicts any substantial personal injury, upon the lessor or other lessees; (b) Intentionally inflicts any substantial damage to premises; (c) Commits any act which is outrageous in the extreme; or (d) Has a pet on the premises without permission;
18. Security deposit is non-refundable if tenant decides not to rent the apartment;
19. No nails , stick ons, or taping is authorized on the walls, ceilings or wood beams. Use needles/pins to secure items lessee wants to hang. Each nail hole/stick on will result in a minimum $20.00 reduction of security deposit;
20. Late penalty fee is ten dollars per day for each day rental check is received past the first of each month;
21. No persons other than tenants signing this lease are to occupy the premises. No new roommates, including boyfriends and girlfriends, can live in lessee’s apartment unless there is a unanimous concurrence by all roommates. Maximum of 4 roommates is authorized. The fourth roommate can only be included for an additional $60.00 per month;
22. Lessee shall make no alterations to the premises;
23. Lessee acknowledges that premises are in satisfactory condition except as indicated by lessee on the “Lessee Inspection Sheet”, to be completed on occupancy, lessee agrees to return the apartment to lessee at end of rental agreement in the same condition & cleaning as when lessee occupied said premises;
24. Lessee that is late seven days (7) on their monthly rent check may be immediately served with an eviction notice, or taken to small claims court to collect damages due to breach of rental agreement, to include acceleration of rents due to the conclusion of this lease agreement if lessee breaches terms listed in this rental agreement; If lessor can rent the apartment, or lessee can find a roommate agreed upon mutually by remaining lessees, lessee will be refunded all monies received minus the prorated rent from the time of vacancy to signing of rental agreement by new lessee;
25. Lessee must inform the lessor by 1 Feb 2012 if lessee plans on leasing the apartment the following year. Lessee who emails us they are leasing for SY 11-102 have until 15 Feb 2012 to sign lease. Undecided lessee will have their apt shown later, however, undecided/unsigned leesees apt may be rented as early as 7 Feb 2012;
26. Bicycles will be secured in bike racks or in the 1st floor bottom stairwell storage area. Bicycles will not be stored in the apartment by the lessee or guest or there will be an additional $200 damage charge upon vacancy;
27. No waterbeds are permitted due to possible water and structural damage;
28. Monies due at signing of rental agreement is total of security deposit and cleaning deposit: $___________-;
29. Batteries and all direct wires to smoke detectors will remain operational, lessee will not circumvent the smoke detector system or will face liability for all damages done to the apartment and building ;
30. It is strongly encouraged by the lessor that lessee has “Renters Insurance”;
31. Lessee is responsible for guests on the premises. Violation of city codes or damages to the premises by a guest is the responsibility of the lessee;
32. No dart boards, including electronic dart boards, are permitted;
33. Alcoholic beverages will only be consumed in lessee apartment, not in stairwells or common areas;
34. NO SMKING IN STAIRWELLS or within 20 feet of stairwell.
35. Lessees will not ride bikes, snow board, ski or walk on bark dust/landscape areas to prevent soil erosion;
36. Snowball fights are not authorized due to possible personal injury and damage to the apartments.
37. Bathroom fans must be on a minimum of 6 hours per day and when shower or tub is used to prevent mold.
PROVIDED ALWAYS, and these present are upon this condition, that if the lessee shall be in arrears in the payment of rent for a period of (7) days, or if said lessee shall fail or neglect to do or perform or observe any of the covenants contained herein, which on lessee’s part are to be kept and performed, the lessor may, at his option, and after proper written notice, as required by law, terminate this agreement and take possession of said leased premises.
Any waiver or breach of covenants herein contained to be kept or performed by the lessee shall not be deemed or considered as a continuing waiver, and shall not operate to bar or prevent the lessor from securing a forfeiture for any succeeding breach, either of the same condition or covenant or otherwise.
If construing this lease, where the context so requires, the singular pronoun includes the plural and the masculine pronoun includes the feminine . Lessor discloses to lessee that lessor is the owner and manager of said premises OWNERS ADDRESS:
3071 West Twin Road Lessor.....................................................................Santorini Properties, Inc

Moscow, ID 83843 Lessee.............. ........................................................SSN......................... .................

208-882-1791 Lessee..................................................................... SSN...........................................

email: rsltuck@Turbonet.com Lessee......................................................................SSN...........................................

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