123 Baker Street are great apartments for couples or three roommates. The back bedroom is larger than the front bedroom. The living room is larger than the living rooms in 115 & 119 Baker. The lower units are slightly different whereas there is no sliding door and balcony. Instead these units have a large window 5'x4'. Also the lower unit has a 6" wall/ledge on all the exterior walls which is full of insulaton so the drywall is not against the foundation. Appliances: Large capacity washer and dryer, 52gal hot water heater, dishwasher, 18'cf refrigerator and range.


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Sketch of bottom unit 123 Baker

Sketch upper& middle unit 123 Baker

123 Bathroom, large capacity washer and dryer is included in your rent

Living room looking into apt. Lower level has window in kitchen

View from closet in kitchen, sliding door & balcony middle and upper units

Standing in corner of kitchen middle & upper units

Kitchen in 123, oven is not self-cleaning

Kitchen in 123, 18cf ref, dw

Appliances shown inlcuded in rent

Standing in kitchen looking towards front door and window in lr

Picture taken from corner of lr, middle is 7' closet, to the left is kitchen entrance, bedrooms & bath to the right

Standing near back bedroom looking to front door in lr

Front bedroom 123

Front bedroom 123

By closet front bedroom 123

Back bedroom 123

Back bedroom, another view

Back bedroom 123, you can see the extra large closet

View of lr from kitchen, lower unit you can see the ledge under the window

Close up view of the 6" ledge, wall is full of insulation so the dry wall is not aganist the foundation

Eating area in large eat in kitchen upper & middle units, lower unit is identical except there is a 5'x4' window