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Donkey Panniers, Burro Panniers, Llama Panniers

Pack Saddle Shop offers three models of burro panniers and llama panniers for donkeys, burros, llamas and ponies. Scroll down the page to view the Donkey Canvas Pannier, Llama Pannier, Donkey Cordura Panniers and Donkey Utah Panniers.

Recommend you consider purchasing pannier hooks. I use pannier hooks with all my panniers- makes loading the pack animal a snap.

Click on to Burro pack pad to see the pack pad available for a donkey, burro, small pony etc.


Salt Blog Panniers

Salt Blog Pannier

Made of #4 duck canvas.
Measures 19" x 10" x 10".

Price: $180
Shipping: $30


Note: Pictures below are identical to the canvas Utah panniers except panniers are white.

Iron Cloth Utah Panniers Available
  • Donkey Utah panniers and Llama Utah panniers are 1/3 smaller than standard Utah panniers. Actual donkey and llama Utah panniers pictures shown except standard size utah panniers on horse.
  • Canvas and Iron Cloth Utah Panniers are 21" W x 16" H. Depth at top of bag adjusts to size of items and narrows at bottom.
  • Canvas Utah panniers are made of white 24 oz heavy duty canvas.
  • Iron cloth Utah panniers are almost industructable and won't fray or tear when Utah pannier constantly rubs trees and rocks on narrow trails.
  • Utah pannier is washable, very strong and durable.
  • Utah panniers are great for packing bulky items, such as sleeping bags, pellet bags or elk quarters.
  • Two 20" double thickness harness leather straps on each Utah pannier bag to attach to pack saddle.
  • Each strap at top of each bag has 4 rivets and double stitched harness leather for extra strength and also have heavy duty buckles.
  • Extra thick leather reinforces each bottom coner. Leather on corners is sewn and has 5 rivets.
  • Triple stitched nylon webbing at top of each bag.
  • 66" leather tie down strap for connecting bags to ensure bags ride balanced on pack animal. This strap will also help secure top pack or tent as shown in photos.
  • Utah Panniers do not have lids.
  • Donkey Utah Panniers or Llama Utah Panniers sold as a pair: $125.00
Shipping: $30.00


Montana Pack Rat designed to carry heavy or odd shaped loads on horses or mules. However, the Montana Pack Rat and Half Rat is small enough to fit on donkeys, burros and ponies.

  • Lightweight: 7 1/2 pounds each side.
  • Shelf is 19" L x 12" W. Support bracket that attaches to the decker arches is only 9" high and 19" long.
  • Makes packing easy for a cooler, plastic boxes, hay bales, pellet bags, salt blocks, poles, water containers, fire wood, rubbermaid containers, 5 gal propane cylinders and game.
  • Folds up when not in use.
  • Makes into a camp chair when not in use - legs are included - all that is needed is a horse pad to throw over frame.
  • Half Rat model has no chair legs and shelf is 17" L x 12" W.
  • Normal retail is $300.00 for Montana Pack Rat and $175.00 for Half Rat.
  • Half Rat - Set of 2 - $165.00, w/nylon straps, NO CHAIR LEGS
  • Montana Pack Rat - Set of 2 - $265.00, w/nylon straps and chair legs.
  • Heavy duty leather straps with roller buckles to replace nylon straps $49.00
Shipping - $30.00

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