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Anna shot this cougar in the Panhandle of Idaho. Nice cat Anna! Anna is the granddaughter of Roy Scoles, local appalossa horse breeder.

Where this cougar was taken is now under investigation by both the WA & ID Fish and Game Departments. The individual who "email" it to the world was a Fishing Outfitter from western WA. Either way this is still a big cat. His belly is bloated as he hasn't been field dressed.

Customer, Mr. Pittman from Alberta Canada shoot this grizzly bear in 2002. Size relationship Mr. Pittman is 6'5 and 280 pounds, it that gives you an idea of how big he was. In Canada, you have to be drawn for grizzly.Mr. Pittman had applied for the last 18 years and this was the first time he has got it . Only issue 2 or 3 permits are issued in all of Alberta per year, but yet thousands of people apply. Congratulations Pittman!

I never believed hunters when they told me they shot a black bear in the lower 48 that had a head bigger than a basketball. After shooting this bear I'm now a believer.