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Pack Saddle

Pack saddles from $300 to $635. Six pack saddles offered, 3 decker pack saddles and 3 sawbuck pack saddles for horses, mules, donkey and burros.

YES! We have a pack saddle for burros, donkeys, small horses and mules for animals that weighs between 500 - 800 pounds. Smaller pack saddles are identical in quality to the full size models. Email or phone me if you have additional questions.

Recommend that you read my pack saddle information guide which compares sawbuck to decker pack saddles and key consideration/characteristics of pack saddle quality. If you are just starting to pack I recommend you read my packing tips.

If you are just starting packing and if you have any questions on pack equipment or quality, contact us by email or call me at 208-882-1791 (PDT). I will be glad to answer any questions you have. If you have many questions it is best to phone me as I can provide a more detailed answers.

SHIPPING PRICES are applicable to only lower 48 states. Canada and Alaska customers call or email for shipping quotes.

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Pack Saddles
Bitterroot Saw Buck


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